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MLP FIM: Choose your own adventure -  Part 2 by hinoraito MLP FIM: Choose your own adventure -  Part 2 by hinoraito
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Choose your own adventure. Vote here: [link]
Choices for the direction of the story at the end...

Art: *hinoraito
Story: ~Lionel23

“Come on, Luna. It’ll be fun!” Celestia jumped playfully up and down on all fours as she continued to try and goad her sister into breaking and entering into Twilight’s home.

Princess Luna arched a brow at her sister’s strange behavior. It was very clear to her that her elder sister was acting in a very un-princess-like manner. But then again, she recalled how her sister always seemed to have a strange way of doing things – especially in the least direct manner possible.

And if I was her, I’d rather perform my duties in the most straightforward and direct manner possible, Luna added to herself mentally.

“Sister, We don’t think your manners are exactly… becoming of one of our station,” Luna said plainly, though her words carried with it the slightest bit of hesitation as she tried to find the most delicate way to phrase her words for the situation at hand.

“Oh Luna, you really needn’t be so uptight,” Celestia playfully teased her younger sister of the night.

Luna gave Celestia a stern glare, raising a hoof to her chest and turning her face up and to the side in a show of authority and dominance.

“Beg your pardon? We are not uptight. In fact, We think that thou seem to be bordering on the edge of no good!”

“No good? Preposterous, little sister,” Celestia blinked in surprise at the smaller princess pony.

“I am quite serious. Is there something wrong with thou? Why are thou so adamant in performing deeds of ill-repute?” Luna marched up to her sister, pressing her nose into Celestia’s as she had to stand on the tips of her hooves just a bit to meet the height distance.

“Whatever do you mean, Luna?” Celestia grinned nervously as she started to retreat from her sister’s advances. Luna pressed on momentarily before stopping and begun to pace back in forth in front of her sister.

“There must be some rhyme or reason to your madness. Our sister would never look to tarnish the reputation of Canterlot royalty in this way,” Luna looked away from her sister as she sunk deeply into thought.

Princess Celestia gritted her teeth, sweat beading down her face as gaze looked around nervously but still maintained her toothy smile. She desperately hoped that her inquisitive little sister would not remember exactly what day it was today.

“Thou don’t seem ill… and We feel no magical influence over though… aha! We know now!” Luna declared and threw her hoof straight up in the air, though Celestia curiously looked around to see whom she could be showing off to. It’s not like there was an audience watching them or anything…

“You… are hiding something!” Luna closed her eyes and nodded to herself, proud to have deduced and reached such a conclusion – though for Celestia it felt very lacking and anti-climactic.

“Hiding wha-” Celestia tried to speak up, but was immediately interrupted by dark shadows being cast over her.

Actually, those dark shadows were more like tumulus black clouds forming all around her. Her gaze went to Luna’s and she gasped as the little princess pony’s eyes were lit up maliciously as she closed the gap between them. Celestia gulped long and hard and shrank down as their roles became reversed somehow, with Luna towering over her with eyes intent on prying the truth from her.

“We shall get to the bottom of this…” Luna muttered coldly to herself.

A flash of thunder and lightning from the clouds immediately above the pair erupted and the clouds descended to a mere few inches over them. Luna then reached behind her wings and pulled out a Sherlock Holmes’ detective hat and a small wooden pipe and put it in her mouth.

“Now, where to begin… hmm,” Luna blew on the pipe in her mouth, which sent a flurry of bubbles into the air and towards the dark clouds above, “Why did thou decide we had to come here all of a sudden? Is there some special reason or occasion that We need to know about?”

Celestia blinked at her sister’s deductive reasoning. When did she exactly pick that particular skill up? Luna had always been a bit slow on catching things – especially missing the entire Princess Cadence Wedding fiasco with the changelings…

A ray of light momentarily blinded Celestia and she raised a hoof to shield her face. As her eyes adjusted, it became evident that Luna had created a crack in the dark clouds that hovered immediately around them to focus a single ray of sunshine on her like a high-intensity light in an interrogation room. Luna blew more bubbles and arched a brow at her sister, nodding to herself as she made her mental notes.

“Out with it, my dearest Sister,” Luna pulled the pipe from her mouth, “What are thou hoping to accomplish here? Or perhaps thou are looking to tarnish my good name and prejudice all my subhects against me and banish me to the moon again?”

“I would never--!” Celestia protested.

“But thou did! For a thousand years We were banished – alone and forgotten on that dreary place! Out with it, Tia. What does thou scheme to rid of me?” Luna’s eyes grew darker as she stomped the ground, tilting the hat forward atop her head till it rested on the edge of her brows.

* * *

“Quick, we have to do something!” Rarity cried out from the window as she turned to look at her friends crowding around her.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” Twilight observed that Rainbow Dash wasn’t going to be particularly helpful in this situation either.

“Quick everypony, we need to come up with something,” Twilight Sparkle tried to assuage her friends to at least think calmly.

“Oh, I know!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, her eyes going bright and wide.

“Y’know what?” Applejack had a bad feeling about this.

“I’m going to be brilliant! Be right back!”

Pinkie Pie dashed away from the gathering of friends and disappeared into the next room, with the lights still dim in the main ‘party room’ that the rest of the gang waited in.

“You don’t suppose…?” Twilight looked to her friends who all merely shrugged their shoulders.

Crash! Bang! Crash!

The gang jumped up and it took their very best (including Fluttershy’s) to not yell out in surprise from the sudden startling noises emanating from the next room.

“Just what in jumping jahosafat is that—” Applejack began to say.

* * *

“…is that racket?” Luna turned away from her intense interrogation of her sister as she trotted off to the side to see around the girth of Twilight’s house.

Celestia slowly stood up and followed after her sister as the dark clouds dissipated overhead from Luna’s distraction with the noise.

Coming around the corner of Twilight’s house, they saw a pony figure in a black jumpsuit throwing a pair of cymbals off to the side and jumping up to climb into an open window inside the librarian’s home.

“Halt right there!” Luna cried out in her royal Canterlot voice, which caused Celestia to recoil slightly from the intensity of its volume.

But the mysterious figure did not heed the Night Princess’ beck or call, and instead slipped fully into Twilight’s humble abode via the unusual entryway whomever it was took.

“Quick, We must be after her!” Luna shouted and dashed after the culprit.

Celestia didn’t quite know what was going on, but in the back of her mind she couldn’t help but think that Twilight and her dear friends must have come up with something in a pinch to promote this situation.

Luna stood on her back legs while her fore legs rested against the exterior of Twilight’s house. The window was at least a head or two higher than her full height as she stood there underneath the window.

“Sister, come! We require a boost,” Luna ordered, her eyes never leaving the window.

“A boost?” Princess Celestia eyed her sister inquisitively, much to the chagrin of Princess Luna.

Luna’s face flushed and the Nightmare princess looked back at Celestia with a steely resolve in her eyes.

“We are not high enough to reach this window. Will thou not give the Princess of the Night a little… assistance in the matter?”

Celestia smiled and tried to hide her pleasure as she switched places with Luna and sat back on her hind legs. Luna was satisfied with that and was more concerned about catching the intruder than worrying about her sister’s pleasure in the current situation. She climbed atop her sister’s back and stumbled up her shoulders before resting precariously on all fours atop Celestia’s head.

“Ow… watch it, Luna,” Celestia complained as a hoof hit her in the face.

“We are sorry, your head is not as flat as I remembered it,” Luna struggled to maintain her balance.

“What do you mean ‘as you remembered it’?” Celestia grimaced and looked up at Luna with her one good eye.

Luna took that opportunity to propel herself from Celestia’s head for the window, sending the Princess of the Sun’s face crashing down into the ground as Luna managed to snag both her legs through the window.

“We made it! Huzzah!” Luna proclaimed triumphantly and struggled to crawl her way inside.

She was in Twilight’s kitchen, to the best of her knowledge as she landed perfectly on all fours and let her flowing galaxy-starlight mane show itself in its full regality and beauty. The lights were very dim in the room (obviously, Luna reasoned, since Twilight wasn’t home at this time) but the glow of her starry mane gave her enough illumination to see.


Luna spun around, lowering her legs in a charging position at the sudden noise in case the would-be intruder tried to get the jump on her. Instead, she saw the door to the next room swing back and forth as if someone had just run through it.

“Sister!” Luna shouted, never taking her eyes off the door.

A great ball of light guided itself through the open window and hovered for a moment next to the Princess of the Night. It suddenly grew very bright and in a flash was instantly replaced by Princess Celestia’s full form. Once back to her normal form, Celestia rubbed her eye carefully; the very same one that Luna ‘poked’ her with during her ascent…

“Where did they go?” Celestia asked, looking around the room awkwardly as she tried to get her bearings.

“It went in there,” Luna pointed with her nose, stomping her hooves, “We must be prepared for anything!”

Readers and watchers, so this brings us to the end of part 2 of the Choose your Adventure story! Pretty exciting, isn’t it? But now we must decide what to have our dynamic princess duo do now. Can you decide how our brave heroines proceed from this point on?

Vote in this poll: [link] Not the comment section as it will not be counted!!

  1. Choice 1 – [Princess Luna – Charge!!!] – Princess Luna is very serious about protecting the sanctity of her friend’s – Twilight Sparkle – home. She needs to take the initiative and rush forward and confront the dastardly villain within!

  2. Choice 2 – [Princess Celestia – Distract Luna and give her a ‘bump’] – Princess Celestia thinks the game may have gone on long enough. If she doesn’t do something now, Luna might escalate the situation far higher than even she could have anticipated, thus ruining the surprise party; not to mention getting the little princess pony all worked up over nothing, only to be left feeing disappointed in the end. Maybe a good distraction and a ‘nudge’ through the door might be in order?

  3. Choice 3 – [Princess Celestia – Maybe being ‘direct’ isn’t the best way, Metal Gear-style!] – Princess Celestia is concerned that Luna might pounce on any one of Twilight’s pony friends on the other side of the door and cause a scene. Using her elder sister status and forethought/wisdom, she needs to convince her rambunctious little sister to take the stealthy approach. Creep through and catch the enemy unawares and all that jazz. After all, it is dark in the house and Luna is the ‘Princess of the Night’, so it’s all the same, right? Oh, is that a pair of those skintight jumpsuits on the counter there that she saw Twilight and her friend Pinkie Pie wear during that one night to the Canterlot library? What’s it doing there?
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