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Montréal, Québec
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Trying to finish one picture at the moment. Come and say hi!
Slowly getting back in the swing of things. Updated my portfolio/gallery with some of the work I have done in the past few years for a magazine. Then I got some news from welovefine of  a design now available for purchase so I thought.... journal update!

New design now available on welovefine. Deadpool! 
Deadpool headphone - Welovefine tee shirt by hinoraito
If you dont like this one, there are many more designs for Deadpool on their website from other amazing artists. The selection is great. 

Welovefine has grown so much I kind of feel overwhelmed by the amount of talent around me (probably familiar feeling to everyone on deviantart) . I personally always found it hard to come up with great designs. That's why I'm so slooow. Also, I know almost none of the brands they have featured OTL. I do have a few Equestria Girls tee that will be available at some point. They are approved already... they just need to be put up on the website and I don't really know when that's gonna be. I enjoyed drawing humans for a change :D I'll upload those when they will be live :)

And unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, some of my tees are back in stock on welovefine!?! I swear those designs were gone last I checked. So here is an updated list of them. There are some missing still but I guess those ones weren't selling well?

Welovefine: MLP FIM - Rainbow Dash Headphone by hinoraitoMLP FIM: Celestia Portrait - Welovefine Shirt by hinoraitoMLP FIM: Luna Portrait - Welovefine Shirt by hinoraitoWelovefine: MLP FIM - Fluttershy Headphone by hinoraitoWelovefine: MLP FIM - Spike Headphone by hinoraito - Horse power t-shirt by hinoraitoWelovefine: Scootaloo Headphone Portrait by hinoraitoWelovefine: MLP FIM - DJ PON3 by hinoraitoMLP FIM: Lyra Headphone Portrai shirt - Welovefine by hinoraitoSpitfire Headphone Portrait by hinoraito
MLP FIM: Derpy Mustache shirt - Welovefine by hinoraitoMLP FIM: Nurse Redheart tees welovefine by hinoraitoWelovefine: 8bit RainbowDash shirt by hinoraitoMLP FIM: Derpy 8bit shirt - Welovefine by hinoraito

How's everyone? 
Deadpool headphone - Welovefine tee shirt
Here is a new tee design. I tried my hands on a new brand.

A lot of my previous My Little Pony designs on welovefine are back in my storefront. Feel free to browse and leave a comment on there.

Men tee:…
Women Tee:…

Check out my other products at welovefine:…

Thank you for support me as an artist and my art m(_ _)m

My twitter
My facebook
My tumblr
My welovefine products

My other t-shirts at welovefine:
MLP FIM: Luna Portrait - Welovefine Shirt by - Horse power t-shirt by hinoraitoWelovefine: MLP FIM - 8bit Applejack by hinoraitoWelovefine: 8bit RainbowDash shirt by hinoraitoMLP FIM: Derpy 8bit shirt - Welovefine by hinoraito

Trying to finish one picture at the moment. Come and say hi!


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teen novel illustrator/ mangaka
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
- Welovefine artist I make official merch for Hasbro.. Check out my gallery of awesome on their website:…

- Illustrator for INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING SERIES who shall remain anonymous per request of the author (prospective employers need to specifically request this information)

- Self-published canadian mangaka Since 2009. So far I have published 3 books in 3 years of my series "Spaced Out".

I am mostly drawn to raising awareness that girls and women are dynamic and multi-dimensional... and that they can be interesting and complex characters in stories!0


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Enerjak0 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 24, 2016
Hello! :)

Do you take commissions?
Midli Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2016
I cry everytime I think of how spaced out will probably be 5ever unfinished ;-;
mlpiloveme123 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Student General Artist
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LittleHybridShila Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, someone has uploaded your artwork and I dunno if they got your permission: DJ Fluttershy by ridef
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Pony-Berserker Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hm... why did you hide your MLP pictures? I searched through my favorites and I saw several of your works as "hidden in storage"
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